O U R   P R O C E S S


An initial enquiry can be made using the method that best suits you, to enable us to understand your wants and your vision.

We will also answer any queries you may have.

You can give us a call, email us, message us on social media or come to our showroom (coming early 2021).

Our local partners will contact you to discuss your garden annex in a more practical sense, including whether there are any constraints to the build process. If appropriate a site visit might be useful to decide upon the options available and to double check site constraints and measurements.

A transparent price estimate will then be provided before a full design and the final price. This will be confirmed shorty after a preliminary agreement to proceed.

In week one, a 30% deposit payment will be requested from you for the purchase of the initial materials.

It will then take us 2 weeks to create the detail design and drawings for you to then review.

In week 4, there will be a 20% payment due. This will be four weeks before the delivery of materials.

1 .   I N I T I A L   E N Q U I R Y

2 .   W E   C O N T A C T   Y O U 

3 .   P R I C E   E S T I M A T E 

4 .   D E P O S I T

5 .   D E S I G N   &   D R A W I N G S

6 .  H A L F   W A Y   T H E R E


In week 7, we will build the foundation base in your garden as preparation for the material delivery in the following week.

In week 8, the materials will arrive and we will request a 25% payment.

On completion of your garden annex in week 8, the final 25% payment will be due.

7 .   F O U N D A T I O N

8 .   D E L I V E R Y  

9 .   C O M P L E T I O N

1 0 .   E N J O Y   Y O U R   G A R D E N   R O O M !