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M E E T   T H E   T E A M

M E E T   T H E   T E A M


I A N   W A D D I N G H A M

Ian has been involved in the construction industry since the age of 16 from hands on practical experience after leaving school to now being a successful chartered engineer owning two structural engineering practices.  Over the past 15 years Ian has been heavily involved in the design of sustainable buildings including modern methods of construction.  In addition Ian is a budding entrepreneur with a passion for developing new and exciting ideas within the construction industry.  In his spare time he is a passionate family man who loves spending time with his wife, two children and playful cockerpoo.


N I G E L   T S A N G

Nigel has a passion for innovation and progress. So much so that he has re-invented himself a few times, from working on nuclear structures, dabbling in law and now focusing on modern methods of construction. Making everyone’s lives better is what has driven his career path and he has seen, first hand, how modern methods of construction can really benefit society in helping to solve the housing crisis and by introducing more affordable and sustainable high quality living spaces. When Nigel is not working or attempting to be a good father you might find him attacking a defenseless punch bag.


S C O T T   H U L L

Scott’s interest in design-led architecture started on a building site at the age of 16. Managing project transformation from initial concept pencil-sketches on an A4 pad, through to the reality of the final construction phase, is an element of his role as a structural engineer that has provided true fulfillment. Notable projects over his 20-year career include the Saatchi Gallery, MSU Broad Art Museum Michigan State University (Zaha Hadid) and Blizard Institute - Barts and The London school of medicine and dentistry. Outside of work, Scott is Wolverhampton Wanderers FC’s most dedicated supporter outside of the Midlands and a keen mountain-biker. 


H O L L Y   R O L L S

With an interior architecture and design background, Holly enjoys being creative in all aspects of life, from making bespoke and personalized gifts to fashioning well designed spaces. She has a proven record for materialising people’s visions and thinking outside of the box to create solutions which enhance the given brief. While juggling all the ideas bouncing around in her head, she loves spending her spare time with her friends and family.

C O N T E M P O R A R Y   Z E R O   M A I N T E N A N C E    
A L U M I N I U M   C L A D D I N G 

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